Line Of Demarcation

by Seth Timbs



Line of Demarcation

Carlos was raised amid the sugar cane
In the old fuselage of an airplane
And the trees grew in lines because they planted them that way
And no one had a lot to say and nothing ever changed

Favia was pretty in a never-ending city
Covered in steel and stone
And she answered the role with 13 million other souls
And she felt absolutely alone.

When the pope split the world in two
Between the Spanish and the Portuguese
He drew a line on the map said “that’s the way it’s gonna be”
And no one said a word to disagree
When the last pure hearts were ripped apart
The solitary pieces shown out in the dark
Calling to each other over empty streets and crowded avenues
You are here with me like I’m there with you.

She walked inside her dream between rows of blooming trees
While he dreamed of mountains of chrome
Exchanging over distance tiny bits of their existence
Trading in both body and bone

So Favia took a car out on the rolling plains
And Carlos rode a truck up to the motorway
And neither were surprised when they met there on the roadside
They had known just where the other was going to be.

(repeat chorus )

He said “I’m done with my troubles, my work in the sun”
And she said “I ended before I begun”
And they got in her car and they pulled back on the road
And they never had those dreams anymore.

(repeat chorus, tag, end)


released July 26, 2016
Seth Timbs all instruments and vocal



all rights reserved


Seth Timbs Nashville, Tennessee

It is fortunate for musicians like Seth Timbs, that a life free of any real tragedy, drug addiction or disability does not preclude him from writing songs that are worth listening to. At the end of the day, no matter what the back story is, everybody wants to know “so, is he any good?” that’s what we’re here to find out. ... more

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